GEO Space Radiation Environment

GOES-16 is a geostationary environmental satellite launched in 2016 and is operated by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Onboard instruments include sensors to measure the space environment.

GOES-16 Omnidirectional Differential Electron Fluxes


The post-processing and the display of near real time plots of GOES-16 measurements is an initiative by SPARC.

We acknowledge NOAA for open access of GOES-16 magnetometer and uni-directional electron flux data. We thank Juan Rodriguez for useful discussion regarding his work in “GOES 13-15 MAGE/PD Pitch Angles Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document” (Version 1.0), on which SPARC based the implementation of the omnidirectional flux derivation. The development of the data processing software was partially supported from the ESA GSTP activity “Space Radiation Effects Nowcast (SREN) platform” under the Contract Nr. 4000127629/19/NL/BJ/va. SPARC acknowledges Hugh Evans (ESA TO officer for SREN) and Dave Pitchford for feedback provided.

GOES-16 image provided by NASA/NOAA.