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European Contribution to International Radiation Environment near Earth Modelling System (ecIRENE)

A novel European Space Particle Radiation Environment Modelling (ESPREM) system has been recently developed aiming to integrate & combine statistical models of energetic particle space environments in a modular fashion. ESPREM integrated European radiation models and included the state-of-the art AE9/AP9 radiation belt model, developed in US. In addition, ESPREM was connected with radiation effects tools to determine internal charging, ionising and non-ionising dose and single event effects.

The release and the adoption of such a system by the space industry require the use of state-of-the-art radiation models & effect tools and the further upgrade of the system level software. The proposed activity is expected to lead to the development of a new system with such characteristics, the ecIRENE system, resulting from the further update of the AE9/AP9 RB model (by introducing additional European datasets and modelling schemes already existing in European RB models), the extension/improvement of the European SPE radiation environment models and the introduction of additional radiation effect tools.