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Space Radiation Effects Nowcast (SREN) platform

Space environment includes severe radiation and plasma storms – driven by solar activity and its effect on the Earth’s magnetosphere – affecting satellite systems. For the real-time and the post analysis of the space environment effects on satellite components, a series of actions is required each time by satellite operators and analysts in order to access and couple the required but heterogeneous resources, identify critical particle flux enhancements using reliable measurements and couple them with state of the art radiation environment and effect tools.

SREN de-risking activity aimed to the development of a flexible and user-friendly software system that integrates historical and near real time data from European space born radiation monitors with an arsenal of data-analysis and effects engineering models. The goal is to provide a near real time assessment and historical analysis event platform related to damages caused to spacecraft by space weather events via a simple on-line Graphical User Interface.

SREN’s modules are classified into three groups:

The data pre-analysis module (PAM): for the data pre-processing, cleaning, flagging and flux calculations.

The environment analysis module (EAM): for real time analysis of energetic particle fluxes and the analysis of critical events.

The radiation effects module (REM): for the calculation of radiation effects products.

The current version integrates a series of historical and near-real-time radiation environment measurements, with data processing tools that provide radiation environment products and a radiation effect tool for the calculation of the solar cell degradation. The fully developed SREN will incorporate additional functionalities on the monitoring, detection, and characterization of extreme energetic particle events and will provide quantitative outputs on a large number of critical radiation effects